Insulated Pipe

Insulpipe is manufactured from three basic components.

  1. A pressure tight casing,
  2. The required service pipe
  3. and a specially formulated rigid polyurethane foam.

This is available in varying diameters in 6 metre lengths with an exposed section each end for joint connection.

Reasons to use insulpipe

  • Insulpipe has a range of both aboveground and underground factory insulated piping system manufactured under stringent quality control conditions.
  • It is suitable for air-conditioning chilled water piping systems, process piping system and domestic hot water piping system with media temperature ranging between -50 deg. C to +140 deg. C in any environmental conditions.
  • It offers a high efficiency thermal insulation coupled with the ultimate vapour barrier and weather protection.
  • Insulpipe can be hung from its outer casing thus eliminating the use of cumbersome insulated supports which are usually the potential points of vapour ingress.
  • Insulpipe is available in the casing of your choice utilizing any type of service pipe required.